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Set Of Two Lisbon Tables 45 Cm X 50 Cm

With its straight lines and clean design, it will be ideal as an auxiliary piece in a contemporary-inspired room, providing lightness and functionality to the space. Practical and very modern, this is our set of two Lisboa tables, thanks to its chromed metal legs and tempered glass tops, which give it an elegant look that is in full swing. Do not forget to combine your best decorative items with our Lisbon tables, it will be the feeling of your home.

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Limited special offer
89.71 209.92
The set of two Lisboa tables has a simple and perfect design to decorate any room.
The tables have measures of 45 cm wide x 50 cm high which makes their iron structure and 8 mm thick tempered glass tops together with their metal legs chrome one of the most trendy tables you'll see in our store.
Its cute figure is perfect to decorate with any set of furniture, since the simplicity of its design will be the perfect complement to any element in your living room.
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Estructura de hierro, tratamiento cromado y cristal templado de 8 mm de grosor. Pintura cromo.
Set de 2 mesas

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